About Us

The Shred Mill, LLC was founded with one goal in mind; to provide small locally owned businesses with an affordable document shredding solution, tailored to their individual needs, with customer service that puts the customer first.
That concept is important to the partners of The Shred Mill, LLC. They have worked in corporate America where attention to detail in nurturing and strengthening customer relationships was not a primary focus of larger, enterprise level businesses, especially when those businesses were servicing “smaller accounts”.
The Shred Mill, LLC understands the challenges small, locally owned businesses face. Everything we do is designed to meet the needs of those markets. The Shred Mill, LLC believes that every customer deserves the best support we can offer, regardless of whether their needs are regular or periodic, and regardless of the volume of work they produce. As a small business itself, The Shred Mill, LLC is especially sensitive to the needs of small business. We make it our mission to make your business a priority.