Residential Paper Shredding

When private documents containing personal information get into the wrong hands, the results can be catastrophic. From identity theft to financial repercussions, the improper disposal of old or unwanted residential paperwork can have far-reaching effects on you and your family. So if you need to safely dispose of documents to clear up space at home, it pays to call on The Shred Mill, LLC for help.

The Protection You Need

At The Shred Mill, LLC, we understand how important it is to properly dispose of unwanted documents. When you hire us, you can expect our complete attention, no matter the size or scope of the job at hand. We can come to your home and help you get rid of your documents in a manner that won’t leave your sensitive data compromised. Don’t take chances with personal information. For more information about our residential paper shredding services and technology, call The Shred Mill, LLC today.